Spiritual Rabies

Internet Radio

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…What is going on here? What is going on here is what has gone on in every century for thousands of years: there is a mass hysteria out there among many people when they think about us Jews. Here is this UN woman who equates us with these other, savage people.

Adolf Hitler, remember, I mentioned last webcast, believed the Jews were bent on exterminating all Germans, so in self-defense he took action. Ergo, Auschwitz and the extermination factories, the camps, the slave labor. What a plague of madness Nazism was, a kind of mental influenza epidemic or spiritual Bubonic plague like the physical one in the 14th century that carried off like a third of Europe. In Europe in the 1940s, in the 20th century, tens of millions of people died as if there had been a bubonic plague, a Black Death, only this time the disease was spiritual, mental. It was the Nazi mindset which infected not only Germans but many people in Europe. Everywhere the Germans conquered and exterminated Jews they were helped by the locals, often enthusiastically. In Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Croatia, Ukraine, etc. The locals often led the way for the German exterminators.

There was a homicidal madness in the air, a kind of spiritual rabies which turned human beings into homicidal maniacs against the Jews, on the basis of a fantasy of Jewish evil that had no basis in reality…