Antisemitism Itself

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…Well, with the news out of Egypt today much more subdued, with many in the crowds of the last two weeks going back to their usual lives, the Muslim Brotherhood did announce it was going to field candidates for the coming elections for the new parliament.

Of course they will. In 2005 that won 88 of the 454 seats of the lower house, and it is a reasonable assumption that they actually won far more than that but the level of corruption held their mandate down to 88.

And last November, what do you know, those poor Brothers did not win even one seat. And it is a fair bet not because their popularity had plummeted but because Mubarak’s loyalists gave them no quarter this time.

So if they field a slate of candidates for elections in the fall, they might not, probably won’t win a majority. But they could win the plurality and end up as the largest party, especially since there are something like two dozen other parties – a sign of how this community hasn’t got a clue about the mechanics of good democratic government machinery. Like in Israel: too many parties. Real democracies are like the human body divided between left and right, heart and mind; and they tend to two produce two big parties, not dozens.

And the campaign is already underway to whitewash the Brotherhood. It will proceed apace for sure.

But the free and democratic Westerners must not let themselves be fooled about a new and improved, moderate, modern Brotherhood. No more of that old-time religious jihadi fanaticism for them. You know, Barack Obama’s and James Clapper’s vision of multiple voices in a heterogeneous Brotherhood.

Perhaps. But the fact remains that the leader of the Brotherhood remains Mr. Muhammad Badie, 66, who just recently, according to Charles Levinson in today’s Wall Street Journal, pledged that the Brotherhood “would continue to raise the banner of jihad against the Jews,” which he called the group’s “first and foremost enemies.”

Levinson then added he has also “railed against American imperialism and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state.” And I point out: notice the sequence, the priorities. First, the Jew-hatred; then the America-hatred; then the wish for an Islamic state.

All of which makes perfect sense to yours truly. For the Qur’an – what Emir Barack Hussein calls respectfully the Holy Qur’an – does contain many, many verses about Jews and they are not positive to say the least. There is even one verse which Mr. Badie here seems to be quoting almost verbatim. It says that of all the enemies of Believers in the world, the Jews are number one. They are the most hostile to Believers, “even more than Christian priests.”

As I said before, Islam is less an antisemitic religion and more a religion of antisemitism…