Obama Knows What He is Doing

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Program Link: Obama Egypt Strategy Could Place US at Risk

…Kenneth Timmerman, the investigative journalist, posted on Newsmax yesterday material that was a significant catalyst for my thoughts this evening. I’ll put up the link.

He reports that two months before Obama’s Cairo speech, he welcomed two members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.

He also, and I remember this, lifted the ban on Tariq Ramadan coming to the States. He is the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna, who was also, by the way, the uncle of the notorious Jew-killing terrorist Sabri al-Banna better known as Abu Nidal, who likely met his end when, for whatever reason, Saddam Hussein had him murdered. Tariq Ramadan is an intellectual who lives in Geneva and his game is denying the evil of Islamic fundamentalism. He was invited to be a scholar-in-resident at Notre Dame, the American University in Indiana, but was denied entry into the country during W’s time in office.

The MSM today here in Israel and elsewhere has focused on opinion in Israel, concerning the outrageous behavior of Obama in turning his back on Mubarak.

I think it is not so much that the US does not know what it is doing. I think Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

HaShem Yirakhem. God have mercy…