The Eternal Resistance

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…The latest skirmish in the eternal culture war here in Israel erupted yesterday when Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar said that starting next year his ministry will support school field trips to the Cave of the Machpelah in Hevron – to which our Enlightened politicians and journalists reacted predictably. That is the burial tomb of the three great couples.

Spitefully – which word may have meant full of spit – the Enlightened spit out their outrage. Haaretz was in fine form. Its front page team of Kashti, Hasson and Lis featured the head of Meretz and other opposition MKs to the plan, men and women of Enlightened views, who said this was “brainwashing.”

In classic Haaretz fashion – which is the first antisemitic newspaper written in the Holy Tongue – they also cited the NGO called Breaking the Silence whose crusade is exposing the racist, fascist, imperialist abuse of the Ancient Ones by Israel Defense Force soldiers. Its director Dana Golan asked that members of his group be allowed to accompany such school trips. “We don’t believe it is possible to visit the tomb and discuss the Jewish nation’s glorious past without discussing the circumstances that led to the present situation – the paralysis of commercial life” among the Ancient Ones there. “The shutting down of hundreds of shops, reprisal acts by the driving of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.”

What he is referring to is the Jewish enclave of less than a thousand Jews which has been re-established in formerly Judenrein town of 165,000 Ancient Ones according to this very article. “A few meters from the entrance to the tomb, there is a path for Palestinians and one for Jews. These are sights reminiscent of German propaganda from 1933 and later.”

This moron doesn’t know the origin of those two paths. Before 1967 there was only one path: for Ancient Ones only; Muslims only, no Jews allowed. And that we allow these people to continue to practically defile our holy site is testimony to our peaceful intentions.

He went on, “Hebron is a bad example for all of the occupation’s ills. You cannot educate to humanism and tolerance and peace while sending students to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs.”

Yeah, he wants to educate to humanism; he does not want to educate to Judaism.

It is hard to decide here what is worst: the pathetic hatred of one’s own people, the historical ignorance, or the bizarre misinterpretation of the situation.

This pro-“Palestinian” Israeli seems not to now that before 1967, this biblical city, the first capital of King David, was perfectly Judenrein, off limits to Jews. He seems not to know that for a thousand years and more, Muslims prohibited Jews from visiting what is basically the family plot of the Jewish nation. A Jew could only walk up the first seven steps toward the tomb. If he stepped on the eighth he would be beaten.

In 1929, in August, the tiny community was so savaged by a rampaging mob of Arabs the British afterwards forcibly drove the survivors in the community from their homes because they said they could not defend them from the Arabs; that it was for their own safety. That put an end to thousands of years of Jewish life in Hevron altogether.

And then since 1968 this now 1000-person community has brought the neighborhood back to life. And it is defended by the armed soldiers of the Jewish people who keep the other 165,000 at bay. Without the IDF, they would tear them to pieces in their ghetto neighborhood. What these Jewish antiJews see is this tiny community bullying and oppressing the other 165,000.

In 1994, thanks to the immoral temper tantrum of Baruch Goldstein, the ghetto had to be strengthened and in the process some Arabs were evicted.

And it is for them these Enlightened leftists are pouting.

There is something wrong with these people, these embarrassingly ignorant and traitorous dejudaized Israelis…