The Muslim Brotherhood II

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…Lastly, the desire by people in the West this week like Hillary Clinton to see Egypt “transition to democracy” is a misconceived notion.

And the reason for that is that democracy requires a different religious culture. The famous German sociologist Max Weber’s most famous book was called The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

And indeed there is a connection between the free market and the concept of freedom. Protestantism was a cry for freedom and far more rooted in the Torah miSinai than Roman Catholicism; the Torah whose Ten Commandments begin with HaShem identifying himself not as the Creator of the Universe but the Redeemer of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery.

What Egypt needs today; what the Arab world and Islam need today before democracy is a reformation of Islam. They need less a political than a religious revolution which, G-willing, will teach them to stop persecuting the Copts in Egypt and Christians elsewhere in Islam in Iraq, Pakistan.

They need a reformation which will delegitimize murdering apostates, murdering non-believers in acts of horrendous terrorist atrocities, and above all, legitimize the right of us Jews to live free of Qur’anically mandated, Muslim oppression and humiliation.

That is another instance of their psychological projection: they crave humiliating us, so they accuse us of humiliating them.

So that’s it for this Sunday evening, the first of the week. I’ll be back on Tuesday, G-d willing. Until them, leila tov mi Eretz Yisrael.