Hillary to Speak at Saban

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Audio Excerpt (2:50 Mins)
…It seems that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jetted off to Bahrain over the weekend and in an interview done for the American government-created Al-Hurra TV station, which is meant to broadcast in Arabic the good side of America, she announced that this week she would be making a “very formal set of remarks” regarding the stalled peace talks between Israel and its victims. My term, of course, not hers. And the prognosis according to this report is not encouraging.

JPost this morning reported this information, but later in the day it came out that she is going to be giving this “formal set of remarks” on Friday night at the Saban Center of the Brookings Institution. Not a good sign.

And what is the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution? Well, Brookings is the venerable Washington DC liberal foreign policy think tank, and the Saban Center within was financed by Haim Saban, the native Egyptian Jew who grew up in Israel, did his army service then went to America with $200 in his pocket and made himself a billionaire, first by coming across in Japan a moderately successful Japanese doll and comic book, I think; buying the right to it and turning it into the fabulously successful Mighty Morphin Rangers toy and TV show for kids. And with his fortune began investing in other projects.

And one use of his swag was trying to influence the peace process by setting up the Saban Center – at first just an office with a computer at Brookings – and hiring none other than Dr. Martin Indyk to be its director. Haim Saban wanted to create his own think tank, and Dr. Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel was available and of course thinking along the same liberal lines as Haim Saban.

You know Dr. Martin. Last summer, I think it was, when Obama & Co. made it clear they wanted an extension of frozen Jewish life beyond 26 September, Dr. Martin was interviewed on Kol Yisrael one morning and he said, “If Israel is going to be receiving American support, it must do as it is told,” or words to that effect.

So that Hillary’s choice of venue for this “formal set of remarks” is not a good omen. And that Dr. Martin will presumably be hosting it on a Friday night – this man born into the Jewish people – is a second bad omen…