The Shame of It All

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Audio Excerpt (3:28 Mins)
Program Link: The returning issue of Palestine’s refugees

…And you know what gave to this cosmic lie of displacement was the sense of shame Abbas & Co. felt as a result of their own cowardice. It is now a forgotten commonplace of the 1950s that the Arab refugees at that time were held in very low esteem by their own brethren precisely because everyone knew the truth that they had not been driven from their homes by Al Yahud; that they had run away; they did not fight.

In 1982, I remember, when Israel invaded southern Lebanon and clashed with armed PLO terrorists in some fire-fights, the head of the PFLP George Habash exulted that “Finally we are fighting back,” he said – inadvertently, by implication, admitting that the Balestinians were not driven from their homes but had run away.

And thus it is this curse, this sense of shame among these Hamitic people that played a major role in the invention of the Ancient Ones. Humiliated by al-Yahud in 1948, exposed as cowards and losers, incapable of organizing a successful offense and defense, they invented the Balestinian Narrative which is a re-writing of the facts.

Exactly what the first Muslims did when they came up with their imitation of the Tanakh and Christian scripture. Muhammed spun the stories in the Qur’an that he plagiarized from the Jews and Christians and gave to his fellow Arabs as if he had originated all these stories.

Muhammed was a thief of mostly Judaism with a dash of Christianity, re-writing history written by others, and this Guardian piece by Saeb Erekat is yet another example of that thousands of years later. The caption to this photograph encapsulates a basic truth that the Arabs’ slaughter of Jews by – like the murder and stabbing yesterday near Beit Shemesh – I’m sure you saw the news – two 40–something women out for a day in the lowlands of Judea enjoying nature. They were come upon by two Arabs who brutally murdered one and tried to but failed to murder the other.

And this basic truth is the life of lies that this Arabs live and worse: they have terrorized the world and foisted their phantasy-life on the whole planet…