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Program Link: NYT shows true anti-Israel colors
No Comparison: Shariah and Jewish Religious Courts

…This is such a small country, it is commonly described as the size of New Jersey but rarely made known is the fact that since half of it is desert, Israel functionally is only half the size of New Jersey.

And in light of the world’s focus, especially by this generation of Jew-haters – every generation has them – the tiny size of the place only highlights the craziness.

The Arabs have 21 states over a land mass whose distance between Morocco in the west to Iran in the east is greater that the distance between Los Angeles and New York; between New York and London. The Arabs have an ocean of states, but the UN General Assembly spends a third of its time enraged at us “greedy” Jews occupying too much land.

Let’s do a Google search on two words “settlement expansion.”

Okay, I just did. And what was the number of results/hits? Take a guess. The number of hits on “settlement expansion” came to 14,400,000.

And here at random is the fourth entry in that list: a front page news story from Haaretz (of course) from February 27, 2009: “Israel planning mass expansion of West Bank settlement bloc.” A piece by Akiva Eldar, who is so clinically leftist I never read him, let alone bother you with comments on his feverish brain…