The German Regression

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Audio Excerpt (4:32 Mins)
…In other words, while no one yet has been accused of maliciously starting this fire, lost in the news is these other fires; and even today and yesterday there were more fires in the north which had to be put out, fires obviously, deliberately set, and only a sad-sack poisoned with political correctness would not think that the Mt. Carmel inferno was the handiwork of homicidal Hamites a/k/a these Arabs, who as mentioned last webcast have a record as wreckers and destroyers, not builders.

I’ve been to more than a half-dozen Arab countries. I’ve been inside their capital cities, and the Arabs simply don’t have cities to compare to a London, a Paris, New York, Chicago, Milan, Prague, Rotterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Boston, Massachusetts with its universities and hospitals. All these cities hum with energy and life and creativity; every day there is a new electronic toy on the market.

But not these Arabs. They don’t have cities to compare to these and scores of others in the world. They have Casablanca and Algiers and Tunis and Sana capital of Yemen, Amman, Jordan. I have been to all of them. These are cities that people do not gravitate to for opportunities in higher education or to seek advanced medical treatment.

These Arabs when they stole Judaism in the 7th century some 2,000 years after HaShem gave the Jews the Teaching/Torah at Mt. Sinai, were everywhere illiterate. They were laggards then and they are laggards today; a burden on civilization.

They never had the abstract ability to imagine in their minds the shape of Balestine as a separate and specific country. This land just a century ago was a wasteland because there were no “Palestinians” living here.

The Land was not 100% devoid of people. There were five towns of significance: Jaffa, Safed/Tsfat, Tiberias, Jerusalem and Hevron, where the Jews were before Zionism half of the population in each or more – except for Hevron.

And in between these grungy towns of a few thousand people each, the landscape was bleak. When Mark Twain reached Jaffa and wanted to go up to Jerusalem, he had to hire beasts of burden and their drivers, and armed guards, to take him along the animal tracks inland and up into the hills to the Holy City because the land scape was lawless and a hunting ground for Arabs, i.e. nomads, Bedouin, whose livelihood was animal husbandry: driving herds of goats that ate up and destroyed the land, as well as armed robbery of innocent travelers.

There was no highway patrol in those days. There was no highway, not even a road.

And that was just 147 years ago, three human generations ago, that’s all. So it is not surprising that today in Israel there are still Ishmaelites who set fires all the time trying to destroy the vegetation we sedentary Jews have planted. With their goats the Arabs destroyed the Promised Land, and here today are some of the lowest of the low among them setting fires in order burn what the Jews have brought back to life…