Antisemites to the Core

Internet Radio

Audio Excerpt (2:34 Mins)
…So let us turn to more familiar material, to borrow from Bibi, Israel’s place among the nations. There was more good news this morning as another Jerusalem neighborhood was licensed to build another 625 homes for Israelites, Pisgat Ze’ev, which has been around for three decades. It was started in the second year of the first Reagan presidency. You know, I find it annoying that like Israel’s inability to demand its rights – as opposed to asking for support for its security concerns – and refusing to make the case the settlements are not illegal – Israelis like Bibi have forgotten what Pres. Reagan said. He said the settlements are legal – if not helpful.

Instead, like thieves in the night. we must wait for a storm in the politosphere when the world is preoccupied with another big story to announce we are going to build more homes in Jerusalem, because we have never surrendered the right to exercise our rights in Jerusalem and vicinity.

Which vicinity, by the way, would not exist without Zionism anywhere outside the old Turkish walls. East Jerusalem, South Jerusalem, North Jerusalem, West Jerusalem. All of these Arab settlements east of the city like Al-Azarya on the Mount of Olives or Beit Jala to the south, or Beit Tsafafa, are themselves, even though all Arab, products of Zionism. Today the Arabs say these are Balestinian villages from the beginning of time, but that does not square with the historical record. Nor with the photographs and paintings of Jerusalem from the mid-19th century. Without the presence of the Zionists, these Arab communities would not exist at all.

So there is a denial here as abusive of historical truth as Holocaust Denial or denying that the Western Wall means something to us Jews, as we heard this week.

And all to deny us Jews the right to own what we built up, what had been sleeping for almost two thousand years: this Land.

We brought it back to life, but these Hamitic-Ishmaelitic thieves have the delusional chutzpa to claim all of what we built is theirs.

The Balestinians are a bad dream of the sons of Adam…