Israel’s Lethal Political Correctness

Internet Radio

Audio Excerpt (3:44 Mins)
…And so last night in Cairo the utterly corrupt Arab foreign ministers decided to turn to the UN for a resolution condemning the Unbelievers to eternal damnation for continuing to build on what the whole world believes is rightfully Ancient Palestinian property.

And one reason for this state of affairs is the inability or refusal or silence of the government of Israel saying in reply, “No, this is Jewish property, Israeli property as of right in international law.” For example, the paperwork of the League of Nations and the United Nations regarding the disposition of this land. Palestine was created in the 1920s to create a Jewish homeland, so in international law, its heart, Judea, where the word “Jew” comes from, is rightfully Jewish land.

Israel has to say that but it doesn’t.

Secondly, the land rightfully belongs to Israel which took it away from an enemy people that used the terrain to send in the 1950s and 60s plainclothes killers over the cease-fire line to murder Jews at random. And then in 1967 the government in Amman was part of the effort to destroy the State of Israel altogether, so Israel took the land away from Jordan in self-defense in a week in which hundreds of Israelis soldiers died and the national economy took a major hit for its cost. In international law in terms of the right of self-defense, Israel is now the rightful owners of Judea and Samaria. That’s reason no. 2.

And thirdly, this land is an integral part of Judaism, the Jewish religion, and so an attack on Jews because they are living in Judea and Jerusalem is an attack on our religion. The Muslims see a cartoon in a Danish newspaper of their sicko founder, mass-murderer and sexual degenerate Muhammed, and they go crazy. Simultaneously, the Enlightened world feels free to justify murdering Jews in the name of Palestinian Nationalism.

But again, one major reason for that is the silence of Israel’s leader who does not tell the world, “No, it is a lie that our settlements are illegal. And when people lie about Jews,” he should say, “they are antisemitic liars.” He should say that those who attack our right to live in peace and prosperity in Judea and Samaria are attacking the Jewish religion and the existence of the Jewish people, which people, unique from the nations, defines its national existence not by its language or even landscape but religion: metaphysical belief, principles and laws…