Hillary’s Speech

Internet Radio

Audio Excerpt (1:43 Mins)
…Have you noticed how the “core issues” that Hillary said are going to be discussed are, every one of them (almost) a demand of Israel to give? They are one-sided in terms of tangible requests. The six core issues are borders and security; settlements, water, refugees and Jerusalem. Borders refers to the demand by the Ancient Ones that Israel fork over every square kilometer it overran in 1967, and all of it now built up with billions of Jewish dollars in infrastructure. No. 2 issue is settlements. This refers to the thriving Jewish communities which the Ancient Ones claim in toto stand on stolen “Palestinian” land that have to be turned over; at least evacuated. And as they have said repeatedly since the Handshake on the White House lawn, there will be no peace so long as even one settlement remains.

Issue No.3: water. Meaning, “You Jews control all the water now. You must hand over control.” No.4: Refugees. “You Jews say no refugees can come into Israel. We say they all have that right which must be realized if there is going to be peace.”

No. 5: Jerusalem: “You control Haram a-Sharif. You must hand that over if you want peace.”

These Arabs, these Muslims are of the seed of Ishmael that armed highwayman who demands “Your money or your life.” In this case, “Your Holy Land and your Holy City and holiest site, or your life”…