Jewish(?) Values

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…This story today was full of fulminations in Israel against the 47 rabbis, which list of co-signers, I understand, now includes hundreds more rabbis. It lit the fuse of the Enlightened, starting with President Uncle Shimon the Wise, the Visionary who envisioned peace by bringing into the country forty thousand Fatah killers and giving them their freedom. St. Simon of Oslo the Wise Man of Peace, you know him, who won the greatest goy prize for peace on earth, the Nobel Prize for Peace – and never mind what followed was not peace but serial, satanic massacres of defenseless Jews inside our tiny homeland; hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people were slaughtered and mutilated and maimed, thanks to him.

Our president – what an embarrassment he is – Shimon Peres pronounced the rabbis letter as “creating a fundamental moral crisis in Israel which affects the definition of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Yeah, Israel as a “Jewish and a democratic state.” That is a slogan the dejudaized elite here live by. It is a phrase on a par with, to my mind, “secular Jew” which is how the Enlightened elite define themselves. And never mind that “secular Jew” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, a nonsense concept.

“Secular” in the bible of the English language, the classic 1932 edition of the OED, the Oxford English Dictionary, means “Chiefly used as negative term meaning non-ecclesiastical, non-religious, non-sacred.”

And secularism, the same dictionary says, is a “doctrine of morality excluding belief in God or a future state.”

But the Jew is rooted in the concept of G-d. The term is short for Judean, of the tribe of Judah the fourth of son Jacob, who was named by his mother Leah in the same breath that she thanked G-d for his birth. The verbal root of his name comes from the Hebrew verb to give thanks or admit the truth.

The word Jew is rooted in the Jewish religion and in a moment when a Jewish mother thanked G-d, and so we might translate the word “Jew” as “G-d-thanker.” And for sure with all the holidays we keep and the praying we do and the saving of grace after everything we eat, we are a people of G-d thankers who obsessively compulsively are fixated on G-d illuminating the world 24/7. That is what Judaism is: a 24/7 acknowledgment of His existence.

So being a “secular Jew,” a person against religion, no belief in G-d and a “God-thanker” at the same time makes no sense…