Jewish Self-Defense = Aggression

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Audio Excerpt (2:34 Mins)
…More of the DNA of the Arab aggression against Israel was on display yesterday in Khalid Abu Toameh’s coverage of the meeting in Ramallah between Mahmoud Abbas and the EU’s representative to “the Palestinian territories,” Christian Berger of Austria.

Has this Austrian no shame, siding with this generation’s leading Jew-killer nation the Arabs, the so-called “Palestinians” living in “the Palestinian territories” as foolish Israel lets the world get away with using those terms?

The “Palestinian territories” is one of the repetitive expressions in the blogosphere where the global village has its endless town meeting to discuss what to do about the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” which everyone knows would be settled if only those Israelis would get out of “the Palestinian territories.” It is a name which also stakes a political position. The name of this Land is not that; it is Judea and Samaria. “No,” say the Enlightened, it is the West Bank, a/k/a the Palestinian territories.”

Calling it “Judea and Samaria” is a mirror image, the reverse image of “Palestinian territories.” Judea as a name makes the counter-claim, which too many Israeli and Enlightened Diaspora Jews are made uncomfortable by…