The Pretend Peace Process

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Audio Excerpt (5:09 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 2nd day, kaf beTeves, Parashas Vaeira, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 1st day Sunday, 26 December, 2010, webcasting from the vortex of world delusion.

And what is a world delusion? The pretend peace process now in its 18th year. One wonders how many more years the current so-called peace process can go on before everybody wakes up from the delusion and faces the truth?

The truth was on the front page of the Jerusalem Post hard copy lede story this morning, “Abbas vows: No room for Israelis in Balestinian state.”

And there you have it. This is a Muslim who yesterday in a press conference in Ramallah said, more or less, that Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem be Judenrein. Israel may be the residence of Arabs with citizenship, 20% of the population, but the Old-New Land of Ancient Philistia must be completely free of Jews.

It will be in practice the ultimate in apartheid, like the old South African regime which denied the right of blacks to live with whites. The famous historian of World War II and money man for the Jew-killers in Munich in 1972, Abbas, insists the future state of Balestine will be as Jew-free as the best neighborhoods in Pretoria were free of blacks in the good old days.

Notice the irony of coincidence: we have here in Israel been wrestling with the letter of hundreds of rabbis fearful for the destruction of Jewish communities given over to hostile Arabs, and the Enlightened are fit to be tied by this letter, and here is this “Moses” of the oppressed Ancient Ones suffering daily crucifixion at the hands of racist Zionists declaring that no Jew will be allowed to live in the new state of Balestine.

In this he is also in line with his Arab brethren who live in 21 officially Arab and Muslim states, countries where Islam rules and has chronically persecuted, oppressed and humiliated the Jews. This is the great white hope of Barack Hussein and Lady Clinton and liberal nation-builders like Condoleeza Rice and Dennis Ross. Someone should tell them that only HaShem is the Composer and Orchestra Conductor of the symphony of existence that brings life to nations, not arrogant, State Department peacemakers, failed peace-makers at that, over decades.

And it’s a fair bet Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to this declaration will be insufficient. He will not finger it for the smelly antisemitism that it reflects.

For century in and century out here in the Land of Israel and the City of David, the Muslims denied us Jews the right to exercise our religion freely. We were denied the right to the Western Wall as a community. There was no plaza like the current one built after 1967. For generation in and generation out, the Wall was one side of a dirty alleyway which Muslims treated as a pissoir, as they are known in France; a place for a man to relieve himself.

In Hevron in this same period, the family plot of the Jewish people where the first three generations of couples, man and wife, were interred, all a Jew could do was walk up the first seven steps to the Cave of Machpelah and that was it. That was the situation for most of the last 14 centuries.

But it all changed radically, even cosmically, in 1967, and Arabs like this assassin of our sons at Munich want to turn back the wheel of time, of history. He wants things the way they used to be…