Newman’s Delusions

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Webcast Title: Newman’s Delusions
Webcast Date: 01/05/2010
Length: 40:01 Minutes
(January 5, 2010) “…This David Newman piece is a good example of similar pieces in Enlightened Israel this week in the wake of that wretched High Court decision to re-open Rt. 443: smearing Israel with “apartheid” for keeping it closed these seven years.”In his final paragraph, the ‘balanced’ academic of course tips his hat to Israel by saying, “Security is important to all of us. None of us wants to be blown up by a roadside bomb…” (Those too were used before the road was closed – and another failed attempt happened just last week, or the week before.) “None of us wants to be blown up by a roadside bomb, a Katyusha rocket or a suicide bomber, just as no Palestinian wants to see IDF tanks and soldiers in their backyard or ripping up their orchards.”

“Notice the moral equivalence; notice the wildly unbalanced arithmetic: the Arabs have launched thousands of Katyushas over the years and hundreds of suicide bombers, versus how many times have IDF tanks ripped up orchards?…”

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