The Mind of a Madman

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Webcast Title: The Mind of a Madman
Webcast Date: 01/10/2010
Length: 39:59 Minutes
Program Link: Jihadi Forum Publishes Posthumous Article by CIA Khost Base Bomber; Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Bombing; Jihadi Forum Moderators Eulogize Bomber, Urge Members of Media Jihad to Follow in His Footsteps; ‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat,’ ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’ Report Details on Bomber
(January 10, 2010) “…The Canaanites were like the Aztecs who daily murdered surrounding tribesmen as part of their religious ritual. As the Holy Temple‚Äôs principle activity was sacrificing wine, grain and animals on a daily basis, so the Aztec daily captured some non-Aztec Indian and dragged him to the top of a pyramid where Aztec priests sliced open his chest and cut out his beating heart and ate it. Then they chopped up the corpse and threw the pieces down to the common man gathered at the base of the pyramid for them to eat.

“Such were the Canaanites, and at Har Megiddo, which is an archaeological park in Israel, in English Armageddon, one can see the kind of altar they used for their sacrifices.

“Abraham became most famous for almost slaughtering his own son according to the wishes of his G-d. But then his G-d did not allow him to go through with the killing and ordered him to instead slaughter a sheep. Sublimate the killing instinct…”

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