What is the “oPt”?

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Webcast Title: What is the “oPt”?
Webcast Date: 01/28/2010
Length: 43:39 Minutes
(January 28, 2010) “…Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, yud-dales be-Shvat, Parashas Beshalakh, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 28 January, 2010, webcasting from what the U.N. calls the lower case “o,” upper case “P” and lower case “t”, the Occupied Palestine Territories.

“I just noticed that in some U.N. document. That is the new term for Judea and Samaria. And notice the peculiar style of upper and lower case. How fashionable of them. Like iPod or iTunes. This is the “oPt,” with the P standing up in the middle there. That’s what the new name has become…’”

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