The War on Tribalism

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Webcast Title: The War on Tribalism
Webcast Date: 01/07/2010
Length: 41:12 Minutes
(January 7, 2010) “…The differences between civilized peoples and these barbarians is the age-old difference between civilization and tribalism. The former thrives in cities, the other is commonly described as nomadic, mobile communities who move around often in pursuit of good land for their flocks. Such are the Bedouin; such were the American Indians who lived off the buffalo for meat and clothing and shelter; that is, a style of society rejected in the Torah from the very beginning when Adam is called to work the land and subdue nature and put it to human use.

“The ‘War on Terrorism,’ which this bad guy Obama denies exists, is admittedly not the best name. It is mildly Orwellian in covering up the truth, that it is a war against violent, crusading Muslims.

“But on another level it perhaps might be more accurate for people in civilization to start calling it the War on Tribalism, and that is because real, actual, living tribesmen are playing a major role in this 21st century conflict between the West with its armed drones and cruise missiles costing zillions, hunting individual enemy leaders who use weapons so small they can be hidden on a man’s body, or even in his underwear…”

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