AntiJew Denialism

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Webcast Title: AntiJew Denialism
Webcast Date: 01/19/2010
Length: 40:41 Minutes
(January 19, 2010) “…I think the IDF deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace for its behavior a year ago during Operation Cast Lead. Think of what the Air Force did in 5 weeks of bombing southern Lebanon in 2006, doing immense damage; then think of the 3 weeks of IDF operations in Gaza and compare. If Israel had wanted to, Israel could have flattened much of that 5-mile by 25-mile rectangle and killed thousands of non-combatants, not the few hundred who did die. And that it did not is evidence of Israel’s restraint and its taking the trouble to make hundreds of thousands of computerized phone calls and dropping thousands of leaflets, both actions intended to minimize non-combatant casualties. What other nation has done this?

“This Operation Cast Lead libel campaign is the true organized and orchestrated smearing of Jews which people like Foreign Minister Store and doctors Gilbert and Fosse have done in every generation for thousands of years.

“Only now, in a new, post-Holocaust twist, they deny their perversion of reality whose purpose is to smear Jews with crimes we do not and have not committed.

“This is antiJewism in a new key. Bashing Jews and denying at the same time that is what you are doing. Like I say, denial of almost psychotic intensity…”

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