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Webcast Title: The New Israel Fund
Webcast Date: 01/31/2010
Length: 41:51 Minutes
(January 31, 2010) “…And now we have the New Israel Fund and all these NGOs allegedly dedicated to improving Israel being revealed as the producers of the Goldstone Report.

“With the extra added information that the New Israel Fund itself is funded by the Ford Foundation, rooted in the founding father of the dynasty Henry Ford I who used to publish the Dearborn Independent in Michigan, a newspaper in the 1920s which he used for his antisemitic ranting. It was worthy of the Nazi publications popping up in Germany at the same time. I have heard, I think, that Adolph Hitler imakhshemo, the devil incarnate who was incandescent in his demonic hatred of Jews had no photograph or decoration in his office except for a picture, either hanging on the wall or on his desk of Henry Ford, inventor of the assembly line later put to interesting use at Auschwitz. Theirs was a mutual admiration society.

“The Ford Family also funded the fancy Hotchkiss prep School in Connecticut which barred Jews and probably still does.

“As a result of this long article in Maariv on Friday by star Israeli journalist Ben Caspit, there is going to be an investigation in the Knesset into this matter. And the head of the New Israel Fund today is none other than MK Naomi Hazan. We are already hearing demands that she resign from the Knesset for her organization’s responsibility in the Goldstone apostasy and the headache the country now suffers as its sons are accused by the world via Goldstone of being cold-blooded killers.

“In Barbary days there was a slang expression for Christians enslaved on the Barbary Shore who converted to Islam to escape slavery. It was called “turning Turk.” To “turn Turk” was to convert to Islam because the Barbary city-states were semi-independent Regencies that paid tribute to the superior Ottoman sultan in Constantinople. “Turk” was synonym for Muslim.

“And that’s what Richard Goldstone has done: he’s “turned Turk” and begun thinking like the Turks today who think IDF soldiers are cold-blooded, conscienceless murderers of the innocent…”

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