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Webcast Title: Turkey’s Turkey P.M.
Webcast Date: 01/12/2010
Length: 40:06 Minutes
(January 12, 2010) “…Erdogan in his press conference also accused Israel of threatening world peace. He also called on the U.N. Security Council to pressure Israel over its nuclear program as it is now pressuring Iran. Moral equivalence between Jews and their oppressors. And for sure Iran is our oppressor. What is Hezbollah, what is Hamas if not Iran in disguise that spends zillions on arming these two cult gangs who are always trying to murder us?
While we pose no threat to Iran whatsoever. What Israel might do is switch tactics, jettison its long-term policy of denying it has nuclear weapons and take a page out of the Bible, the one on which we read of how future King David is pursued by reigning King Saul; David hides in a cave at Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea and Saul rests for a time at the mouth of this cave and is unaware when David creeps up on him in silence and cuts off a piece of his robe.

“Later when Saul rises and goes a distance, David appears and calls to him. He holds up the piece of cloth, points to Saul’s robe and protests Saul’s deep belief in David’s threat to him. David says this proof that he could have killed Saul if he really wanted to, but did not.

“Israel might confess its arsenal and tell the Iranians, Israel could have vaporized Teheran and the priestly city of Qom years ago, and still might do if necessary.

“It is Iran than menaces and wounds Israel and not the other way around. And this is why the U.N. Security Council targets Iran and not Israel. Because Iran, governed by Islamist madmen, is a danger to Israel and the world…”

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