“Orient House”: More Evidence

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Webcast Title: “Orient House”: More Evidence
Webcast Date: 01/17/2010
Length: 39:07 Minutes
Program Link: “First, the Good News” by Oliver North
(January 17, 2010) “…The wackiness of Israel is manifest in the contradiction between its going along with the so-called peace process whose vocabulary is all about justice for the Ancient Landlords of Palestine, the victims of Zionism, while on the other hand in practice acting very differently.”I mean, here was Bibi in his Bar Ilan speech trying to sound like an Enlightened man who says that a state for the poor poor Palestinian people is his goal too, but in practice he sees no way for Israel to retreat as the world demands and let the Arabs in Judea and Samaria govern themselves free of all Israeli involvement.

“Why, just this morning after day break, IDF soldiers from the Kfir Brigade – kfir means “young lion” – and the Duvdevan unit – which means “cherry,” whose specialty is masquerading as Arabs in order to penetrate on foot into Arab streets and alleys in order to arrest aspiring Jew-killers – were able, working with the GSS, to arrest four of them right there in the belly of beast, in Nablus, the lisping Arabs’ mispronunciation of the Latin name Neapolis, further evidence like “West Bank” and “Orient House” that the Palestinian nation is a hoax…”

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