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Webcast Title: Israeli Politesse
Webcast Date: 01/14/2010
Length: 42:06 Minutes
Program Link: Analysis – The “Palestinian Nelson Mandela”
(January 14, 2010) “…Moreover, its denouement last night was not the Turks apologizing for their ugly Jew-hatred. It was Israel apologizing to them for our insulting behavior; an apology orchestrated by none other than Shimon Peres, the erstwhile, post-Jewish Marxist philosopher who in the 1990s let Arafat literally on one occasion lead him around by the hand and one occasion even kissed Arafat on the cheek.”How the antiJew goyim love Uncle Shimon as Israel’s wise man, as one goy politician called him today the settling this contretemps.

“How ironic that Peres and other scions of the original Zionists who sneered at Diaspora Jews for kowtowing to the goyim end up being the very people they were raised to despise…”

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