Unexamined Givens

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Unexamined Givens
Webcast Date: 01/21/2010
Length: 37:33 Minutes
(January 21, 2010) “…Dempsey wrote that in her joint press conference with Netanyahu on Monday, when Merkel was asked about Israel’s settlement policy and the blockade of Gaza, she minimized the issue. Excuse me, but if any country is seriously blockading Gaza, it’s not Israel; it’s Egypt. Israel lets in daily hundreds of semi-trailers loaded with food and other necessities, versus the Egyptians who let in nothing.

“Elsewhere Judy Dempsey writes, “Mrs. Merkel has embarked on her own particular policy toward Israel, even after the Gaza bombing.”

“Unspoken here is the unexamined judgment that there was something wrong with Israel bombing Gaza a year ago. Absent here is any reference to the fact that prior to this “unacceptable” bombing by Israel of Gaza last year, there had been the Arabs’ bombing of Sderot and environs that had gone on for seven years. Like the Arabs, she starts her story on Chapter 2 when it comes to bombing. She brings up Israel’s bombing of Gaza but says nothing of Gaza’s bombing of Israel…”

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