Israel Needs a Reset on Yosh

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel is the object of insult and abuse and in no small measure because it cannot or will not slay dragon of this generation’s pack of lies about Jews.

That is what antisemitism is every generation: tell whopping lies about Jewish evil that has no basis in truth. In our time antiJews shout, “The Jews stole Balestine from the Balestinians!” and Israel responds, “Let’s a make a deal.”

This paralysis, this refusal to take on and demolish the lies is what contributes to the abuse. Israel never defends itself. Israel is passive in the face of the lies and scorn and hatred based on the lies.

In this, Israel’s acceptance of the myth of a Palestinian people with rights to an independent state smack dab in the middle our Promised Land that we brought back to life invites the abuse and in a sense is a form of self-abuse.

Israel has to recover its self-respect as Jews who love and live by their Bible. We are the People of the Book, and if Israelis don’t do that; if they disrespect themselves and their “constitution” as a people and their rights, they should not be surprised that the goyim dish out their disrespect, hatred, scorn and abuse…