Sfard and Indyk. Ugh.

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Program Link: Israel’s Human Rights Activists Aren’t Traitors
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Take, for example, Michael Sfard’s op-ed in the New York Times this week. We’ll put the link up.

For those who don’t know, he is one Israel’s most prominent lawyers who waves the flag of the Balestinian people against his own. His bio says he is a “human rights lawyer who serves as a legal adviser to the Israeli organizations Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din and the Human Rights Defenders Fund.”

That is his first lie. He is not a human rights lawyer. He never fights for the human rights of the Jewish people in their Land not to be stabbed on Mondays and run over on Tuesdays and shot in a Tel-Aviv café on Fridays. No, Michael Sfard is a defender of the people who trumpet shamelessly their desire to destroy the little Jewish people’s only little state…