Psychodrama in the UN

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…How ironic. We are just around the corner from the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo horror and the chilling truth that Obama refused to join the world in condemning that massacre. And why? Well, at the UN, he previous fall, during his annual appearance, Obama said he did not want to live a world that tolerates slandering the Prophet. Of course he refused to participate in that demo, arguably world’s greatest-ever political manifestation in Paris.

This is guy is a menace. Today his imperial edict concerns guns and I really hope there are wise men Washington who care about Israel and should be on guard during this villain’s last year in office. I think he is perfectly capable of throwing Israel to the dogs in the Security Council.

He has already done something like that. He gave a check for 150 billion dollars to his protégé Iran and signed off their building an atomic bomb.

It is not too soon for the Israel lobby, what’s left of it, to start rallying friends in Congress to draft a resolution declaring any anti-Israel move by this president in the UN during his last year in office will be disowned by the Congress of the People of the United States of America. This is one scary dude…