The NGO Scam

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…That is how I understand the current distress of Europeans and Americans with Israel trying to block those abroad who pour endless rivers of cash into the nation that never ever stops murdering us, taking their side.

Millions, even billions of dollars and euros constantly refilling the coffers, sent by the goyim, non-Jew nations through the deceptive appellation NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations.

Let’s deprogram that, shall we? You all know my definition of antisemitism: three words only “lying about Jews” and I submit the very name NGO is this situation is more lying when dealing with Jews.

If these NGOs are receiving money from foreign governments via foreign organization conduits, they are not non-governmental. They are disguised as such but remain the creatures of goyim with quite a scorecard over thousands of years of hallucinating Jews doing evil and murdering Jews on the basis of these wicked fairy tales…