Two Sets of Laws

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the top story here today was the speech yesterday delivered by the American ambassador who pointed the finger of guilt at the Jews for having two sets of laws, like two sets of dishes.

And the ignorance and stupidity here is just ludicrous. What is wrong with having two sets of laws, which we do? In 1945, the Allies overran Germany, took control, and ruled supreme for a decade using two sets of laws. One for Germans, one for Allied military and civil personnel administering the occupation.

Also, while full-blown rule lasted for a decade, even after it was relaxed the Allies still had the right to open anybody’s mail and tap anybody’s phone until 1968. And that’s not all. The capital of Berlin was divided into four parts and that remained the case until 1990, 45 years after the war.

Today Israel rules Judea and Samaria after 47 years. So what’s the big deal?