The Int’l Holocaust Day Farce

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So what we have heard this week out of the mouth of the spokesman for the family of man assembled in the council of nations in New York is this generation’s mutation of age-old behavior.

In early 20th century Germany, Jew-hatred was expressed in a very different way; out of the mouth of a barking mongrel of a man with a little mustache, shouting and snarling and threatening the Jews because in the just concluded World War I, Germany had suffered a humiliating loss and whose fault was it? Why, it was the Jews that stabbed Germany in the back.

In the 1920s in his beerhall and other speeches, the party responsible for the terrible loss and imposition of ruinous punitive penalties on Germany was the Jews.

He organized dramatic, Wagnerian in spectacular, nighttime, torch-lit rallies with goose-stepping men in uniforms and more speeches against the Jews who were responsible for everything that was wrong in Germany.

Today, though, the style is different. Following the inferno of the Holocaust, the old way of sneering and hating and accusing Jews has given way to the diplomatic gentility of His Excellency the Secretary-General of Nations United around nothing so much as their shared hatred of Israel…