Enemies Foreign and Domestic, II

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What is weird about that whole thing too, and as evidence that Reform Judaism is nothing but a joke, is that the origin of the Reform Movement in 1810-1811 in Germany was its focus on the rejection of the Temple Mount and the desire to build the Third Temple. The first Reform Jews did everything they could to strip themselves of characteristically Jewish clothing and diet and external behavior in imitation of their gentile neighbors. They cut off their beards, the women uncovered their hair, they dressed like everybody else; moved the Sabbath to Sunday and called their meeting house not a synagogue but a temple. Ask a Reform Jew today what is the difference between temple and synagogue and he will look at your crossed-eyed. Huh? They are synonyms in his mind because he has no notion of the centrality of the Temple to the Jewish people and religion…