Leftists Identify with the Enemy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But worst of all, most shocking in the mind of Leftist Jews like this was the absence of even one word about the hundreds of thousands who would be affected by the transfer of rule in Judea and Samaria from Israel to the Arabs. They appear nowhere in his dream of peace.

What would happen to them in his scenario? Would they remain in place and become citizens of the New Philistia? The Arabs have said they must all leave. It is ironic how antiJews like Jimmy Carter, Martin Indyk and John Kerry threaten Israel with branding Jewish foreheads with the word “Apartheid” if they don’t give the Arabians what they want, oblivious in this state of mind to the truth that what the Arabs have been demanding since the handshake on the White House is the creation of a Balestinian state that would be completely Jew-free. World antiJewry demands that Israel evacuate Judea and Samaria and turn it all over to the Arabs who insist that every Jew must go in order to create an apartheid Balestinian state.

We get smeared for not helping the Balestinians to create their Jew-free state. We are the racists; their wish goes unrecognized for its Nazi-like wish for a Jew-free world…