The Islamists Are Right

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Bibi has to call a press conference for early evening when it can be broadcast live on CNN and the BBC World Service, FOX, Al-Jazeera and everywhere around the world during which he states that the Muslims in the Gaza Strip have no right to fire rockets into Jewish communities, Jewish farm houses and Jewish land; into Jewish towns like Sderot, into the homes, the modest apartments of good people; into children’s playgrounds; into children’s bedrooms. They have no right to do this and because they do not, we have the right to do anything necessary to make them stop. And we will not stop until we see the white flag surrender and we are able to destroy every missile in the Strip and the machines used to make them. Israel declares to the entire planet that these barbaric people have no right to turn our tiny country into a shooting gallery. The age of the Coliseum in Rome in which Jews were butchered by gladiators and wild animals for the amusement of the pagans that the Roman were is no more. Israel will not tolerate anymore this behavior that Israel tragically did not deal with properly for 14 years…