What Bibi Lacks

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so it was last evening. The prime minister made an intelligent argument for his decision to agree ceasefire. Aside from letting Gaza’s fishermen go six miles out inside of three, he denied every demand of the enemy. They got nothing except a promise to talk some more about their demands a month from now. All their bombast about “no cease-fire until all their demands for lifting the blockade and building seaport and restoring the wrecked airport and salaries for their civil servants came” to naught.

Bibi was proud to point out that not one of these demands was met, and indeed as other analysts have pointed out, in the end HAMAS was begging for a ceasefire which came about when Israel ratcheted up its destruction and started bringing down whole apartment buildings.
Netanyahu also boasted of the diplomatic achievement of being able to fight for 50 days of legitimacy from the international community.

He ticked off the elimination of some 1,000 terrorists, the bombing of some 5,000 structures associated in one way or another with HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and other cult groups. He brought up the smashing of the attack tunnels and rocket launchers, weapons factories and arsenals.
But to all this I say, so what? We killed 1,000 active cult members; they will be replaced soon and with no trouble.

This type of warfare in which a military presents such achievements is a cop-out, for it does not address the reason for the homicidal violence these sons of Ishmael never tire of bleeding us with.

To listen to Bibi last night was to listen to an athlete proud of his victory over his opponent in the recent battle. But that is not to be confused with victory in the war…