Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

Over a hundred rockets yesterday. In late afternoon seven people were wounded by a missile strike, one of them died. And the rockets kept falling right up to 7 p.m. when the latest cease-fire was announced. The wording of what HAMAS agreed to matters little; sounds all rather vague. Israel was reported to have ceased fire too, and it is impossible for yours truly to know what the Three Bs — Bibi, Bogie and Benny – know. Only they have all the information – how many Iron Dome rockets are left, things like that. Ceasefires are also commonly used to re-group and reinforce.

All I can think of hoping for is that they all agree that in the final analysis, Gaza has to be defanged and that likely means a major invasion costing much in money, which I think we have, but also hundreds more dead. For the wicked stupidity of the Oslo Abomination we paid with the lives of over 2,000 ordinary Jews slain by our savage neighbors, and I fear we must sacrifice some more…