Arab Muslims Hate Guilt

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, the top story today in Israel was the Wall Street Journal piece this morning was about the Muslim Brotherhood secret agent in the Oval Office halting a shipment of weapons Israel needs to defend itself from his fellow Muslim Brothers in HAMAS. Makes sense to me.

Actually, I heard a rumor of this about a week ago only as with most rumors, one difference was the word that it was Iron Dome missiles in US arsenals here in Israel that U.S. managers were refusing, on orders, to supply. Over the past month I’ve worried about that; I’ve wondered how many Iron Dome missiles we began with and how many more remain. We have used a lot of them.

But the word this morning was that the missiles in question were not Iron Dome but Hellfire air-to-surface missiles Israel fires from helicopters at Obama’s fellow Muslim Brothers down below in the Gaza rectangle. In a word, the story was of His Majesty the Great and Fundamental Transformer of the United States Imam Barack Obama upset that Israel was communicating directly with U.S. defense officials without first asking the Imam for permission, and the upshot of the story is that henceforth His Majesty, Emperor Barack Hussein will want to approve or reject every one…