What Must Be Done

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On Friday the International New York Times ran yet another official, anonymous editorial on the war against Israel which twice referred to “both sides,” one of the signature hallmarks of contemporary antiJew modernism, the moral equivalence gambit, which is at bottom a form of antisemitism because it insults Jews terribly by equating us with their satanic terrorists and the illiterate Muslims who cheer them on and vote for them.

This editorial referred to Israel and Israelis 11 times; to Palestinians 7 times; to Hamas 4 times.

There was no appearance of the words “Islam” and “Muslim”; no mention of Muslims hiding behind children and in UN buildings. The editorial concluded with the hope that the “indirect talks in Cairo between Israelis and Palestinians lay the ground for something bigger and more durable than one cease-fire.”

What a dishonest piece of journalism. No mention that HAMAS is a self-proclaimed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the source of all the so-called Islamist, extremist, terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, Hezballah, now the head-choppers of ISIL in Iraq.

And it is Israel’s fault that the New York Times and other anti-Jew operations can get away with this shielding its readers from the truth; the truth that Islamic Jihad and HAMAS, the two principle two cults in Cairo the last few days are not “Palestinian” organizations. They are Muslim organizations…