Now the Northern Front

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Suddenly the southern front falls silent and the northern one heats up. Suddenly the Islamist Muslim Brothers in HAMAS stop firing their murder rockets — but don’t tell Navi Pillay — and the Islamist Jabhat al-Nusra Front, son of al-Qaida, is kidnapping people like Barbary Pirates on the Golan Heights, right on our fence with Syria, which has lost control of the border.

Last week they kidnapped scores of Filipinos and Fiji Islanders, UN peace-keepers, though so far the rationale has not been made public by these mujahedeen, holy warriors of Islam, in reality unholy agents of Satan. And since so far they have not publicized the purpose of this kidnapping, from which overnight some the Filipinos were rescued, some escaped, one can only surmise that they object to the presence of non-Believers bearing weapons and endowed with authority on Muslim land.

Let’s remember that according to the biographies of Osama bin Ladin, what lit his fuse was the fact that in 1990 when Saddam Hussein overran, looted and raped Kuwait, the panicked Saudis, his people, asked the US and others infidels to come to rescue them and prevent Saddam from continuing beyond Kuwait into Saudia. Bin Ladin was humiliated by this and judged the Saudi regime bad Muslims. Muslims are very much into humiliation…