That Old-New Blood Liberal II

Internet Radio

…Think of the sequence in the novel and movie The Godfather in which hotheaded son Santino gets a hysterical call from his sister who is constantly being slapped around by her husband Carlo. Sunny explodes, jumps in his car to go to her rescue and on the way is ambushed and killed by a rival gang. It was all a set-up. Carlo was paid by the rival gang to slap his wife around again in the knowledge Sunny would react as he did.

And so HAMAS, I reckon, ordered up that triple homicide of the boys in June in the knowledge Israel would react severely. It did, re-arresting the killers released for Gilad Shalit, which then licensed HAMAS to begin it rain of rockets.

And the result for HAMAS: world-wide condemnation of the Jews as child-killers, not HAMAS. In a way the entire episode has been a successful HAMAS campaign to smear Jews with the crime of being conscienceless, cold-blooded killers of children.

HAMAS has been calling for Arabs in Judea and Samaria for months to murder Jews, and today the world is outraged at us for our disproportionate use of force, basically, our willful, deliberate, cruel and sadistic murder of children.

The blood libel lives…