Tomorrow Night We’ll Know

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

In this very week when the Council chose this proven enemy of the Jewish people to judge us as gross criminal violators of human rights, Yediot’s veteran Arab affairs reporter Smadar Peri, a reliable source, reported on the deaths of 160 children in Gaza, boys, not at the hands of the IDF but HAMAS who had been recruited into building the tunnels and perished in work accidents, cave-ins and the like.

Described was how they were recruited and/or coerced by masked HAMAS boys into doing this work, with dozens of them being killed on suspicions of spying for Israel. Before a workday began, they would be strip-searched for hidden microphones given them by the Mossad, it was believed. Dozens were murdered just on suspicion.

Where is the UN Human Rights Council on this report? Smadar Peri reported that over the last 3 years, 160 had died in work accidents building the tunnels, 60 had been murdered on suspicion of spying for Israel and presumably other acts of resistance to their overseers…