A New Blood Libel?

Internet Radio

…Yeah, the Muslims here seem to be trying once again to perpetrate a hoax to smear us Jews with their own penchant for cold-blooded murder.

My own conclusion about the Muhammad ad-Dura blood libel is this: while some say there may have been no killing of a boy by that name at all; it was all staged; I judge the behavior of the father and the son crouching and cringing in terror to have been no act by them. I believe they were really being shot at to scare them to death, only the shooters were of course not Israeli soldiers but Muslims in the Strip who either had a bone to pick with this man or he and his son were anonymous passersby picked out by the Muslims to be sacrificed for the cause. As Muslims identical to the 9-11 demons who slaughtered themselves and other Muslims on those planes or in the World Trade Towers at the time, those shooting at the father and son may have decided it was all for the cause of Allah against the infidels, al-Yahud…