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…In the Holy Tongue, Biblical Hebrew, the word of a man, male, is basically the same as the one-word statement, “He remembered.” The only difference is a slight vowel change. In Modern Hebrew they are pronounced the same.

In other words the words here are telling us that a Jewish man, at least, is one who remembers. Next week, the Feast of Weeks commemorates the exact date in the 14th century before the Common Era, that’s a long time ago — the Hebrews as they were then known — escaped slavery in Egypt into the Sinai Desert and 50 days later, 7 x 7 plus 1 days later, they camped around a mountain where the Creator of the Universe gave them a book. Five books actually, and actually another 18 volumes worth of discussion called the Talmud, which discusses the Five Books. The Creator did not need 40 days and 40 nights to engrave the 10 Sayings in stone. The forty days were a 24/7 seminar he gave Moses to help him understand the Five Books.

And next week we will remember that moment in planetary history when G-d and Man met at the top of a mountain…