Dershowitz the IBJ

Internet Radio

…Indyk blames Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel as the culprits responsible for blowing up the peace talks with their building plans. This Indyk is a nasty piece of work, who will become, I predict, a textbook case in the future for the study of Jewish apostates, with the unique twist that in our time post-Holocaust, antiJews must dissemble. You know, like the J Street variety of Jewish antiJew. It is Thomas Friedman’s technique as well. You proclaim your love for Israel but wail because you love it so much you can’t stand Israel’s miserable oppression of the victims of Zionism. This variety of contemporary Jewish antiJew, like the Gentile antiJew, must cloak his antagonism in words of concern and love. This is like the Gentile antiJew today who denies he is an antisemite but just pro-Balestinian. Since the Holocaust, outright, frontal, in your face, honest Jew-hatred is found only among shameless skinheads and marginals with swastika tattoos. In the West that is.

In the Muslim universe, by contrast, society remains pretty much pre-War, pre-World War II in its attitudes toward Jews. There is no shame in spewing Nazi-like Jew-hatred animated by delusional, practically magical fantasies of Jewish evil.

Consider the video this weekend of Turkey’s anti-Jew turkey of a Muslim tyrant Recep Erdogan snarling at angry demonstrators and calling one “Israeli scum (semen).”