Some Truths About Our Neighbors

Internet Radio

…Today the ADL reported that in a survey in 100 countries, over half of the people never heard of the Holocaust; and like a quarter of these countries were “deeply antisemitic.”

And one is not surprised, though I suppose too many Israelis are. The creation of this terrific little state has been functionally a miracle. But contrary to the hopes of the secularist pioneers, its birth has not dispatched antiJew thinking and feeling to their eternal rest.

And as noted at the beginning of this webcast, as the Arab attitude toward the creation and existence of a Jewish state today differs not at all from what it was in late 1947, so here we have evidence that old-fashioned, delusional antiJew fantasies are alive and well in too many human brains.

Last week, PMW reported that on a weekly Hamas TV program for kids, a little girl was asked what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a policewoman so she can shoot all the Jews.”

The interviewer asks her, “All of them?”

“Yes,” she said.

And I say, these are our neighbors, and the ones identified as non-Hamas are no different than Hamas in their views of Jews. And that is because this is their religion, whose priests in their pulpits spew classical, fantastical Jew-hatred, right out of the Middle Ages, really the Dark Ages, as their politicians preach the mythical history of the Balestinians who have lived here from time immemorial, such peace negotiators as Saeb Erekat, who says the Jews never had temples on the Temple Mount.

Really now: When are Israelis going to splash some cold water on their faces and face the reality of just who these Arabs are?