Israeli Provincials

Internet Radio

…Unfortunately the Israeli government’s official response to these statements misses the mark as usual. Yes, an anonymous official told JPost these remarks expose the myth that somehow Hamas has changed or moderated its positions.”

But then the spokesman concluded, “Hamas remains an extremist, jihadist organization committed to the destruction of Israel.”

No. It is not an extremist organization. It won the election against Fatah in 2006, the last time these sub-civilized barbarians held an election. Hamas does not represent the extreme or margins of the Arabs here; the election results show exactly the opposite. Hamas speaks for the majority. That is not extremist but centrist.

People in the West have got to get over using categories of perception unsuited for this part of the planet. In Araby the extremists, the ones out on the fringe of society, are the liberal democrats (liberal democrat in the sense of classical Western democracy, not the corrupt liberalism we know today).

For sure there are individuals in Araby who understand the virtues of liberal democracy, of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and conscience, and above all the need respect people who disagree with you.

But these are so few and far between, they are politically marginal, on the extreme edges of a culture when the Arab street is ruled by the mob and the mob waves the banner of holy war.

Hamas is no extremist organization. In fact, its rival, shares its philosophy, differing only in tactics…