We Owe the Balestinians Nothing

Internet Radio

…Every time Dr. Martin Indyk PhD opens his mouth about Israel, you are treated to his identity crisis, his panicked discomfort with having been born into this hated and chronically persecuted people.

So the world acts ambivalently to the existence of the Jewish people and in our time our return after 18 centuries in exile. On the one hand there is a traditional hatred of Jews just for being Jews and now an additional layer for having returned since 1967 to Jerusalem and Hevron as masters; and on the other this unites them around about the only foreign policy issue in the world that breeds such unanimity. There is 100% agreement that Israel is not entitled to call Jerusalem its capital, and as for living in Judea and Samaria and visiting the graves of their ancestors, that too is an international no-no among the goyim.

Problem is, too many Israelis don’t see that, and that has several sources. Among those born and raised here, they attend school, K-12, in which everyone in the school is a Jew so they never witness a fist-fight on the playground ignited by a goy boy calling a Jewish boy a dirty Jew who then has to defend his honor…