Nakba DeProgrammed

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…This is a land dispute and we have the winning case, not them. And no amount of making compromises will win us any points, because they are not interested in compromise and sharing the land, as all the stupid peace-makers like Martin Indyk think.

We live in an Alma Dishikra, a world of lies, when Israel pretends these people are “Palestinians” with national rights to statehood here, a thought that would have amazed Zionism’s founding fathers across the board. If any of them had believed this desolate landscape belonged to a settled nation with its own government and history and culture and language, they never would have imagined their project of restoring this land to fertility and habitability. The idea that there was a “Palestinian” nation in residence with rights to statehood would have flabbergasted every one of them, secular, religious, left or right.

I remember this country a half-country ago and can imagine what it looked like in the 19th and early 20th centuries, assisted in my thoughts by the paintings and photographs taken at the time.

Yesterday’s destruction of Jewish homes by the government of the Jewish state is yet another shameful episode like Gush Katif and Amona…