The Peace Processors’ Diagnosis

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Program Link: Inside the talks’ failure: US officials open up

…Without Islam, for the Arabs as a nation, comparing themselves to the nations of Europe and the West is a depressing exercise. I’ve traveled in a third of the Arab states and nowhere is there a New York, Paris, London, Prague, Tokyo, Chicago, Kyoto, Kobe, Toronto, Montreal, cities which is where man reaches the heights of his capabilities; where he builds research hospitals and libraries and universities, museums and think-tanks.

Versus Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc. Jordan. None of these countries has even one city to compare to what cities in the West, as a concept, associates to.

Where is the R & D in Araby? They produce nothing; innovate nothing. Look at Japan, South Korea with their automobile plants. Look at burgeoning China.

Islam is everything to these people and it simply cannot accommodate Israel in its midst…