Araby: Land of Fratricide

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…Lastly, a word about Libya and the handling of it by Obama and Hillary and Samantha.

In today’s JPost, Shmuel Bar was cited a second time in a different article and he warned that as for Libya, “The West should be wary of the self-appointed leaders of the rebel movement many of whom until recently were high-ranking members of Gaddafi’s regime. Many are no less blood-thirsty and no less cruel than the people who remain in the regime. Who are these rebels? They are people who left at the last moment when they thought the regime was falling. It is not as if these people are fighting for democracy and their future.”

Precisely. The leaders of all these revolts are not idealists, theoreticians and philosophers of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are Islam-driven death cult fanatics or just like all these potentates, slaves of their own appetites and hungry for immense wealth and power.

But do Hillary and Samantha and the Islam-loving imam in the Oval Office k now this? I doubt it.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael